Sights of Dakar
One of the most developed and largest cities in Senegal, and throughout West Africa, is Dakar. The Senegalese capital is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is…

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Sights of Dakar
One of the most developed and largest cities in Senegal, and throughout West Africa, is Dakar. The Senegalese capital is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is…

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Resort complex "Rus"
The resort complex "Rus" is a respectable resort complex, ideally located in the center of the resort capital of Russia, on the Black Sea coast, just a ten minute drive…


Safari in Africa
Safari, like hunting for wild animals, originated in the nineteenth century. This term was introduced by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English explorer, when gentlemen from high society take…

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Finding holiday properties for investment

The first decision you need to make before you start looking for investment property is to decide on the type of property you want to buy. There are a number of factors to consider before making a decision, as each of these factors is important in its own right.

In this article, we will outline what to look for regardless of the type of property you choose, and then we will look at five common types of properties suitable for investment.

What to look for
1) Geographical location – location is the mantra in the real estate industry. If the property is located in an area that does not boast high rents, and in turn, it is impossible to sell it profitably, forget about it.

2) Needs to be refurbished – whether the property needs refurbishment that could cause serious damage to the wallet. If repairs have already been made there, this will significantly increase cash flow and generate income.

3) The form of lease used – in the case of a commercial building, are you limited to an acceptable or very expensive rent? In other words, are you buying favorable or unfavorable returns, and by how much?

4) Produced income – what kind of income does real estate give, how realistic is it and can it be sustainable? Is there an opportunity to increase income?

5) Type of expenses – how much money is needed to keep the property in good condition? Is there anything unusual about real estate and is there a chance to cut or eliminate some of the costs?

7) Management requirements – do you need a professional management company when working with this property, maybe a local manager or you can handle it yourself.

8) Financing – can you make good use of the property? What about prices and conditions, is it possible to qualify for good credit when investing in this property? What are the loan payments?

9) Depreciation of profits – how much of your income can you give up when the property wears out?

10) Unique Features – Is there anything specifically about this investment that sets it apart from other possible real estate investments? Perhaps the location of the property, its design, or maybe it has huge growth potential.

Types of holiday properties for investment
1) A residential complex is the most popular form of real estate investment and can include just about anything from duplex apartments to high-rise buildings. The size and range of individual apartments tend to suit the local market and usually include larger studios or apartments. Apartments can be rented on an annual or monthly basis. The presence of coin-operated laundries, storage facilities, and garages can result in a slight increase in the owner’s income. A well-balanced residential complex can be a very profitable investment and a great springboard for first-time investors.

2) Office space – This type of real estate investment requires more common sense than an apartment property, so novice investors should be careful. Office buildings are generally rented on a per square foot basis rather than a flat price per space, including a proportionate share of common areas such as hallways and corridors. Depending on the lease, tenants may also be required to pay a pro rata share for parking and roof repairs, and generally, tenants must pay all or part of the cost of finishing the space. Office buildings usually require reasonable and relatively easy-to-manage investments.

3) Shopping malls – in many parts of the country this type of real estate investment is very popular, but, as with office space, contains a number of unique features that private investors should be aware of. Mall can mean anything from a few stores (so-called convenience stores) to large malls. Tenants arrange a lease and, as a rule, pay a share for the maintenance of a common parking lot, for landscaping, daily cleaning of the territory, etc. in the so-called common area. Small neighborhood centers with moderate cash requirements can be a great way for beginners to make this type of investment.

4) Warehouses and industrial buildings – warehouse rental provides small and large boxes or rooms used as warehouses and small workshops. Typically rented by the month (because clients can move out at any time), making it one of the least stable real estate investments. Industrial buildings tend to be characterized as a larger area and tend to be leased for longer periods and to more stable tenants such as manufacturing plants. The ultimate investment decision here is a “sale and lease agreement”

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