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Which is better: Phuket or Sri Lanka?

Choosing a holiday destination is always a difficult task for tourists. Several factors must be taken into account, the main of which is preference. This is exactly what you should be looking out for. What kind of vacation do you want – you need to go there.

Phuket is the more famous and promoted island. Tourism has been cultivated there for more than 20 years. Therefore, in terms of infrastructure and quality, this direction is more preferable.

By distance, Sri Lanka is closer and flight tickets are cheaper. But the total costs for tours are about the same. This is due to the fact that in Phuket there is competition for vacationers. And this affects prices (they become lower).

Beaches, entertainment, excursions
For lovers of a good beach holiday, holidays with children, it is better to go on vacation to Phuket.

The beaches are beautiful, equipped and everything is adapted for a quality holiday. There are plenty of entertainment and attractions. And excursions in Phuket will amaze you with their diversity. What is James Bond Island worth. If you are traveling as a family with children, it is recommended to take a tour of James Bond Island on a large boat.

Fans of noisy and cheerful companies, discos and nightclubs should also go to Phuket. There they will find whatever they want.

There are not many suitable places in Sri Lanka (although they also exist). Strong winds often blow there, raising high waves, there can be very large currents, the beaches are not suitable for relaxing and carefree bathing of children.

But for lovers of active sports and water sports, Sri Lanka is the perfect place.

Despite the fact that Phuket is a very beautiful island, with a lot of attractions, but Sri Lanka, according to a huge part of tourists, is more attractive. The island is a model of ecological tourism.

Nowhere else in Asia is there more beautiful nature and such a diverse animal world. In Thailand, beauty is somehow unnatural, it is adjusted to certain standards, attracting this tourist.

But true nature lovers often choose to relax in Sri Lanka.

Kitchen, food
Here you can put an equal sign. The food is varied, tasty and affordable. In Thailand, they pay less attention to service than in Sri Lanka. There is a classic European food culture on the island. And the English presence introduced the Sri Lankans to this.

That is, lovers of cultural and romantic food during their holidays will undoubtedly give preference to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans and Thais
People living in these countries also have significant differences. In Thailand, they are more lively, cheerful and sociable, but at the same time, less sincere. Anything can be expected from them.

The Sri Lankans are more restrained, but also more sincere.

Therefore, tourists should be careful when communicating with local residents, so as not to get into unpleasant situations.

So, it is better to go for entertainment, fun, a good rest with children to Phuket. And for romance, nature, sights and water activities – this is Sri Lanka.

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