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Active recreation in Belokurikha

Belokurikha is a unique resort. In winter it is a paradise for skiers, and in summer it is an entertainment and sports complex for the whole family. Here, the renewed and rested holiday-goers seek to test their strength and try something extraordinary and tickling the nerves. Extreme sports against the backdrop of natural landscapes are great entertainment in Belokurikha!

Quad biking is one of the options for extreme summer recreation. Many sanatoriums of the resort attract guests with fascinating routes along the Altai off-road. For example, the namesake of the city, the Belokurikha health resort, has such routes.

Speed, magnificent nature, crossing streams and rivers give an adrenaline rush. In winter, ATVs are exchanged for snowmobiles and conquer not only the Altai expanses, but also the Siberian winter itself.

Snowboarding is not inferior in the severity of experiences to trips on powerful all-terrain vehicles. Especially if it is a descent along the tracks for extreme skiing from the highest slopes: 550 m or 330 m. Snowboarding is one of the favorite entertainments in Belokurikha.

There are ski equipment rentals in the resort’s sanatoriums. And the Blagodat Hotel even hosts international competitions for professional skiers and snowboarders.

Not exciting enough? In sanatoriums, leaflets are distributed with offers to “fly with paragliders of Belokurikha”. Only 40 km. from Belokurikha there is the village of Solonovka, where in the “Beaver Zaimka” lovers gather to soar above the mortal earth.

The flight does not require special training: in 5-10 minutes the instructor manages to equip and teach the “flyer” safety rules.

Winter fishing
Active holidays in Belokurikha: winter fishing

Belokurikha is famous for the abundance of fish in its rivers. Here you can catch grayling, pike, crucian carp and the queen of mountain rivers – trout.

At the recreation centers you will be instructed and told about the rules of behavior on the ice. An important point is that fishing at the bases is paid, for a catch of 7-8 kg. you will pay about 160 rubles.

Winter fishing has nothing to do with serene summer pastime. This is a real extreme, and you need to prepare for it. Be sure to take: compass, ice axe, warm blankets and clothes, sleeping bags, tackle box. But even if you forget something, there are hunting and fishing shops in Belokurikha.

Rafting on the river
Active holidays in Belokurikha: river rafting

Lovers of the water element and extreme every summer travel 200 km. from Belokurikha to raft down a mountain river. Fans of thrills are waiting for an exciting adventure, a whirlpool of emotions, a close-knit team of like-minded people and victory over the wild water element.

The ticket price depends on the duration of the water trip: a 4-hour rafting will cost 2500 rubles. from a person. Wetsuits can be purchased for an additional fee. A hot dinner and a Russian bath are already included in the ticket price.

The Katun River is suitable for rafting. The rafting lasts 4 hours and includes overcoming the famous thresholds of the third level of difficulty: “Manzherok”, “Katunsky”, “Moons”. During the trip, rafting participants visit interesting places: the Taldinskaya coastal cave, the Ichthyander grotto and the natural monument – Kamyshlinsky waterfall.

Hotels and sanatoriums of Belokurikha gladly accept fans of extreme sports. For everyone there is a comfortable place to stay and suitable entertainment.

Choose a holiday to your liking and do not forget to subscribe to our blog updates to be the first to read useful articles about rest and treatment in Belokurikha.

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