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History of tourism: from the 17th century to the present day

In the seventeenth study, spas grew in popularity in the UK and later on the European continent as people increasingly explored the therapeutic qualities of the special waters. Treatment at the resort quickly acquired the character of indicators of the position in society.

The resorts have changed somewhat according to the constitution, since the arrival was just a consequence. They became an important social life of high society.

In the nineteenth case, they were gradually taken over by rest homes.

Sun, sand and seaside resorts
Sea water has become associated with good health. Therefore, the first visitors to live it drank and did not bathe in it. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, small sea hospitals appeared in Great Britain, where travelers drank and bathed in sea water. Due to the overcrowding of resorts within the country, the popularity of new marine clinics taught.

Resort Development
The beginning of shipping in the XIX study determines the greater number of studies. Seaside resorts gradually became meeting places. The industrial role of turnover is significant in the development of travel in the western direction. Rapid urbanization due to industrialization led to high immigration from the city. These people went on journeys wanting to escape from their surroundings, finding stealth amidst natural beauty, often in villages. Fleeing from routine, natural and psychological stress, they strove for a leisurely pace in the districts.

Key moments of travel in the nineteenth understanding
The development of railroads served as a catalyst for an approach to radial recreation travel. Gradually, a special train began to go only to places of recreation and entertainment.
Tourists such as Thomas Cook arrange plane trips.
low prices are actively developing the tourism business for the outside world, for the purchase of fruits and the sale of finished products.
The invention of photography and its use
The first hotel chains were formed, initiated by federal railway companies that founded railway station hotels.
The popularity of popular resorts has increased, proving to be attractive for tourists who went on a one-day trip, and for the elite, for gamblers.
numerous routes, types of concentration, central resorts, climbing stations, etc. arose.
Technological development of the shipping company takes place by traveling between North America and Europe.
Direct sea routes to India and the Far East through the Suez Canal were opened.
Following the cult of guidebooks, photographs of development are developing.
Tourism in XX calculation
The First World War led to country coverage and caused an increased excitability to travel among the less well-to-do sections of society. Large-scale observation of the Atlantic Ocean. The advent of mobile cars has helped the development of domestic tourism
Europe and the West. In Britain, annual trips to seaside resorts began, the number of which increased in other Western countries. According to the directions of the power grid.

Also increased interest in travel in the post-war period of air tourism. The aviation industry has given this form a lot of tourism. Excessive air travel and an increase in air travel incentives. Regarding future travel, planes have become more convenient, faster and certainly cheaper.

With the early introduction of the Boeing 707 in 1958, the era of mass air travel began. Launch of charter events related to the growth of the tourism market, and implementation to participate in organized tourism. Boeing 747, a 400-seat aircraft with an urgent need for flights. Seaside resorts in the Mediterranean, in the Northern Mediterranean and in coastal basins have been healing tourism destinations.

The corresponding growth of the hotel industry has led to hotel chains all over the world. In the 70s, people began to explore new alternative directions. The Hare Krishna movement and transcendental meditation have attracted crowds of tourists to Nepal and India. The beginning of the expected event occurred only in the 80s. The possibility of air travel has also led to a steady increase in consumption, especially with the emergence of large national companies.

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