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Luxury holidays in Acapulco

Acapulco is a world famous resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It attracts several million tourists every year. And all this thanks to a rich nightlife, a very mild, warm climate, well-equipped beaches. This Mexican city is the real night capital of the whole country. At night, the noise and music from restaurants, casinos, clubs and dance floors does not subside.

Acapulco welcomes visitors every day, but the best time to travel is November-April. Acapulco has a very developed infrastructure, but most of the hotels are already very old and worn out. Still, the Mexican resort became famous in the middle of the last century, when most of the hotels were built, but, however, they are constantly undergoing cosmetic repairs.

Getting around in Acapulco is quite difficult, since the city is rather big, it stretches for 35 kilometers. The city is conditionally divided into 3 zones. West of the bay – “Old Acapulco”, the very center of the city. The lion’s share of hotels is located in the “Golden Acapulco”. But everything for a real elite holiday is located in the “Brilliant Acapulco”. This zone in the east of the bay is an area of ​​luxury hotels and villas.

The two best beaches in Acapulco are located in the “Old” area of ​​the resort. Everything here is just perfect for a good vacation for families with children: a simple entry into the water, large wave crests do not arise, and the beach has everything you need. The “Golden Acapulco” also has a beautiful beach – Condeza.

The sand on the beaches is a slightly strange yellow-gray color. The sea water is much darker than in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is distinguished by its azure reflection of the water.

A short list of the main attractions of Acapulco:

Archaeological Museum (here is a huge collection of exhibits of ancient Indian culture);
The castle of the times when Mexico was considered a colony of Spain;
Fortress San Diego (now a historical museum);
Papagayo (national park);
A cross about 42 meters high, from which sailors ask for blessings;
artificial lakes.
It is also worth taking a ride on a boat with a transparent bottom, but, in principle, you will see practically nothing in the water, since the water near Acapulco is very muddy and dark. You can clearly see the huge statue of the Holy Virgin, who is the real patroness of sailors.

The city truly blooms after sunset, that’s when the real life of the resort begins. Bars and clubs pulsate to the rhythm of the “crazy” dance. The music in the discotheques of the resort is the best in all of Mexico, because they have DJs, members of the ensemble and vocalists – very famous people, in many places there are fireworks and laser lights.

You can eat in a variety of restaurants: on the coast itself, on a sea vessel, on the roof of a high-rise building, in the foothills. There are no less children’s fun in the city than clubs: a water park, a zoo, a large aquarium, a historical museum.

Undoubtedly, the main sight of Acapulco is jumping into the water from a height of 34 meters in a small bay. Such entertainment appeared in 1932. And now the brave men are testing their nerves, and ordinary spectators are standing and worrying about these extreme crazy people.

Fishing occupies a separate place in the field of entertainment. Expensive varieties of fish live in the waters: dorado, tuna, as well as barracuda, marlin, sometimes growing up to 3 kilograms.

Anyone who is at least a little constrained in money will never come to Acapulco. Indeed, in this city a truly elite life and elite recreation takes place. To fly to Acapulco and not have fun there all night long – just not to be here. If you want to come here, be sure to consider the features of this elite resort.

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