Resort complex

Differences between tour operators and travel agents
Many people have a misconception about tour operators and travel agents. But tour operators and travel agencies are different and play very different roles in the tourism business. Compared to…

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Ski resorts in Georgia
Georgia is a small state in the Caucasus. An independent country that carries through the years love for its homeland, pride in its nation. Georgians honor traditions, respect the older…

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Finding holiday properties for investment
The first decision you need to make before you start looking for investment property is to decide on the type of property you want to buy. There are a number…


Paradise - Tasmania
240 kilometers south of Australia is an amazing piece of paradise - the island of Tasmania. From the west it is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and…

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Which guide to choose

Since independent tourism among Russians is still in its infancy, it is not surprising that there are not so many quality guidebooks in Russian. In this case, foreign countries can come to our aid. Of course, in order to use a foreign language guide, you need to know, at least at the initial level, a foreign language. But after all, abroad, where you are going, it is also needed. And so, two Western guides can bring us real benefits for the implementation of our plans: Lonely Planet and Dorling Kindersley. Continue reading

History of tourism: from the 17th century to the present day

In the seventeenth study, spas grew in popularity in the UK and later on the European continent as people increasingly explored the therapeutic qualities of the special waters. Treatment at the resort quickly acquired the character of indicators of the position in society.

The resorts have changed somewhat according to the constitution, since the arrival was just a consequence. They became an important social life of high society. Continue reading

Gold ring of Russia

Almost any person living not only in Russia, but also abroad, probably heard about the Golden Ring of Russian cities. But, in reality, only a few can say exactly which cities are included in the Golden Ring and for what merits they got there.

The Golden Ring of Russia is a tourist route that links the most ancient Russian cities into a single whole, which are the cultural and historical heritage of our country, centers of crafts, keepers of unique monuments. Continue reading

Journey through Altai

There are few such wonderful places on Earth as Altai. This is a large mountainous country in the center of Asia, on the territory of four states: Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. We, in Russia, have two Altai – two subjects of the federation with the name “Altai”: the Altai Territory and the Republic of Altai. Until 1991, they were one entity: the Gorno-Altai region, on the rights of autonomy, was part of the Altai Territory. And now each subject demonstrates its importance. But this is not enough for tourists. They are attracted by the Great Altai – a virgin corner of nature on the outskirts of Russia: the highest mountains, the purest rivers, emerald lakes, local identity and proud people. Continue reading

The history of travel and tourism

Trade travel has existed since the dawn of civilization. At that time, the port of Lothal was an important center of trade between the Indus Valley and the Sumerian civilizations.

600 BC and later

Early leisure activities for travelers can be traced back to the Babylonian and Egyptian empires. In Babylon, a museum of historical antiquities was opened to the public. The Egyptians held many religious festivals that attracted the pious and just curious people. Foreigners flocked to the cities to see the famous art and buildings. Continue reading

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Journey through Altai
There are few such wonderful places on Earth as Altai. This is a large mountainous country in the center of Asia, on the territory of four states: Russia, Kazakhstan, China…


From Forte dei Marmi to Saint Tropez in one day
Serene Tuscan landscapes, despite their magnificence, sometimes begin to seem monotonous - at such moments you want to refresh your impressions of Italy a little, for which a short express…


All the details of traveling to Zanzibar
Zanzibar is an island and at the same time the name of an entire archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. It is located just 35…