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Sights of Dakar
One of the most developed and largest cities in Senegal, and throughout West Africa, is Dakar. The Senegalese capital is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is…

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Sights of Shanghai
Chinese Shanghai, which is built in the Yangtze Delta, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Now its face is an endless array of skyscrapers, glittering…

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Safari in Africa
Safari, like hunting for wild animals, originated in the nineteenth century. This term was introduced by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English explorer, when gentlemen from high society take…


All the details of traveling to Zanzibar
Zanzibar is an island and at the same time the name of an entire archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. It is located just 35…

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From Forte dei Marmi to Saint Tropez in one day

Serene Tuscan landscapes, despite their magnificence, sometimes begin to seem monotonous – at such moments you want to refresh your impressions of Italy a little, for which a short express trip along the Mediterranean coast is perfect. During such an exciting trip, you want to pay as much attention as possible to the beautiful landscapes of the Italian Riviera, relax, escape from the hustle and just enjoy the views. For such trips, a transfer with a personal driver is well suited as a means of transportation – these services, for example. Continue reading

Trekking in the Himalayas (Nepal, India)

The Himalayas is an attractive sound of this word for many. For those in love with the mountains, this is the highest dream, for spiritual seekers, this is a temple not made by hands and high-mountain monasteries, for those who seek the exotic, these are yeti, places of power and Himalayan yoga, but for everyone, this is the indescribable beauty of landscapes and rest on trekking routes that heals the body and soul ! Continue reading

Golf in Paphos

Paphos – offers our tourists not only a seaside vacation, sightseeing and a pleasant pastime. Paphos is an ideal place for golf lovers. High-class fields are located among the hills with an unforgettable view very close to the city center. The climate of the island allows you to play golf all year round, enjoying breathtaking views of the sea and mountains.

Aphrodite Hills
This youngest but most popular golf club in Cyprus was designed by one of the most famous golf club architects in the world – Cabel Robinson. Continue reading

Holidays on the island of Mallorca

Millions of tourists from different countries, world stars, the royal family of Spain – all of them annually choose the island of Mallorca for their holidays. Let’s find out why?

Benefits of Mallorca for holidays
There are mountains and the sea.
Sunny weather prevails on the island 300 days a year.
You will find about 200 beaches and coves here, many of which have been awarded the blue flag for the purity of the waters. Continue reading

Which is better: Phuket or Sri Lanka?

Choosing a holiday destination is always a difficult task for tourists. Several factors must be taken into account, the main of which is preference. This is exactly what you should be looking out for. What kind of vacation do you want – you need to go there.

Phuket is the more famous and promoted island. Tourism has been cultivated there for more than 20 years. Therefore, in terms of infrastructure and quality, this direction is more preferable. Continue reading

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Differences between tour operators and travel agents
Many people have a misconception about tour operators and travel agents. But tour operators and travel agencies are different and play very different roles in the tourism business. Compared to…


Active recreation in Belokurikha
Belokurikha is a unique resort. In winter it is a paradise for skiers, and in summer it is an entertainment and sports complex for the whole family. Here, the renewed…


Tips for buying air tickets
Finding the right flight ticket can be quite tricky. Here are some practical tips for buying airline tickets: 1. There can be a huge difference in the prices of airline…